UJJWALA RAUT(indian supermodel)

20150329230307 20150329232641Ujwalla Raut was born on 11 june,1978 in mumbai.She is an indian supermodel who is also touted to be India’s most successful Supermodel.She was a 17-year-old commerce student,when she won “Femina Look Of The Year” at Femina Miss India 1996 contest.20150329232830

This 5.10 ft tall indian beauty has walked for Yves Saint Laurent,Roberto Cavalli, Hugo Boss,Cynthia Rowley,Diane Von Furstenberg, Dolce & Gabbana,Gucci,Valentino, Oscar de la renta,Emilio Pucci & Victoria’s Secret fashion show.  20150329233840 20150329233418

She has done advertisements for Dolce & Gabbana,Gap,H&M, Roberto Cavalli and Yves Saint Laurent.She has also appeared on the covers of Elle,Time,L’Officiel,Tank and Women’s Wear Daily.She has also judged and hosted the Kingfisher Calendar Hunt in 2012 along with Milind Soman.                                                       20150329235215                                                                                                                                                                 https://media.go2speed.org/brand/files/payoom/40/20150604170655-728×90.jpg



It might sound funny but it works.It really works.You will never really be Happy and content unless You know who you are ?And what do you want exactly.All the the habits mentioned below will help your brain function better so that your life can be better.And help you connect with your innerself more…….so that before you tell others about you ….you know exactly who you are and what you want.

Wake Up Early – When one wakesup early one is feeling postive and fresh.Feeling positive is the first step towards a happy life and calm life.The calmer the mind,the better the life.                        20150326122643 20150326122820

Workout – Workout is important and should be done as often as one could in a week.It refreshes one’s mind and helps blood circulation in the overall body.One can do various types of workouts like yoga, zumba, aerobics ,pilates and many more.                                                                                                                    20150326122920 20150326123021

Be Hygienic – Keep the surroundings clean.Your home ,clothes ,furniture ,your body & your hair. Clean and intoxicated surroundings = Happy life. Clean intoxicated body = Happy Life.20150326123232 20150326123359

Eat and Drink Healthy – Eating healthy doesn’t means skipping meals and living on fruits and juices only.Eating healthy means avoiding the junk and including fruits and salads onto one’s daily routine meals.Ofcourse one can gorge on the junk and sweets every once in a while to calm those cravings.Drinking loads of water also helps in intoxicating the body and keep the skin glowing.Try to cut as much as booze one can.           20150326123615 20150326123702

Be confident – Confidence is the key to success and a happy life also.Confident people are the most loved people and successful  people also.Confident people excel in almost every aspect of their lives and thats the reason for their happiness.                                                                                                                                 20150326123850 20150326124647

Correct Body Posture – Body posture not only affects a lot on one’s health and mind but also on the people around.On the basis of Body Posture or Body language people get to know one alot.But that doesn’t mean one should be sitting uptight ,one must sit straight but also relaxed and comfortable at the same time.20150326125236 20150326125301

Hope this helps you all in your life.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Fashion (part : 1)

We all have our own idea of fashion.Every has a different way of styling themselves. Some people like to dress-up normal or more casual way ;where other few like to dress-up to stand out of the crowd. People today use fashion as a way of expressing themselves,their “moods”,their thinking ,their ideas ,their culture ,their lifestyle & their outrage over something.

ARTY : They are the creative personalities and genuine artists. Their wardrobe is a canvas, and their clothes express their love for the art and picturesque themes. Sometimes they make their own clothes and accessories, and often embellish store-bought items to suit their taste and make their clothes look more unique.2015031214550920150312145614

BOHEMIAN :  They display artistic interests and resist convention or any kind of rules and regulations.But they have a strong preference for certain exotic textures and patterns.They don’t like to wear the traditional patterns and clothes. They defy custom in their own customary way,with a characteristic flavour.2015031215015920150312150629

CHIC : Chic has their own code of aesthetic criteria that rule out many fashion trends.While chic is aware of the current trend and are never unfashionable.But they mostly go for classy look,stylishly emboldened so that they seem smart and striking.They have a taste for clean,sharp lines and strong colors.

CLASSIC : They like impeccable tailoring and quality fabric, uncluttered,formal balance and clean lines provides them a sense of stability.Though they may appear at ease and comfortable,they don’t insist on comfort but on quality.They are simply elegant.                                                                                                                       2015031215095920150312151452


There was a time when people believed that women are meant to do householdwork and raising the children was only their responsibility.Women were treated as slaves ;slaves for sex ,money ,work & family.They weren’t treated equally as men.Women had to do the dishes ,cook ,clean the house ,washing the clothes etc.They used to be the only one to handle all of the responsibilities of the house. They had no rights ;no right to speak their opinions ,to vote ,to ask something for themselves or even to take decisions. Widows weren’t allowed to wear colored clothes ,eat good food ,to sleep on bed or to be married again.

Now the situations have changed. People are now understanding that women are also human being (finally). Women are working now and doing what they want to do.They have full control over their lives now, not bounded by the chains anymore.They are carving their names in all kinds of fields and even in the male dominated industries.They have the hold over their marriage ,carrier and their lives.

But still there are some people who believe they have the right to question women clothes,blaming women and their clothes for the rape cases and eve- teasing cases. They also think the same way about the women their houses ;if they have any. They are just the people who don’t have any kind of work or responsibility over them.These kind of people have a really sick mentality. These kind of people need to see the phyciatrist as soon as possible.

Women have every right to live their life their way. Women have the right to choose their clothes just the way men have. Women are not the only one meant to be handling all the responsibilities. Men & Women both have the equal responsibility over everything.Men and Women are EQUAL ,so treat them EQUALLY.20150302231325 20150302235409 20150302235532 20150302235409