Fashion (part : 1)

We all have our own idea of fashion.Every has a different way of styling themselves. Some people like to dress-up normal or more casual way ;where other few like to dress-up to stand out of the crowd. People today use fashion as a way of expressing themselves,their “moods”,their thinking ,their ideas ,their culture ,their lifestyle & their outrage over something.

ARTY : They are the creative personalities and genuine artists. Their wardrobe is a canvas, and their clothes express their love for the art and picturesque themes. Sometimes they make their own clothes and accessories, and often embellish store-bought items to suit their taste and make their clothes look more unique.2015031214550920150312145614

BOHEMIAN :  They display artistic interests and resist convention or any kind of rules and regulations.But they have a strong preference for certain exotic textures and patterns.They don’t like to wear the traditional patterns and clothes. They defy custom in their own customary way,with a characteristic flavour.2015031215015920150312150629

CHIC : Chic has their own code of aesthetic criteria that rule out many fashion trends.While chic is aware of the current trend and are never unfashionable.But they mostly go for classy look,stylishly emboldened so that they seem smart and striking.They have a taste for clean,sharp lines and strong colors.

CLASSIC : They like impeccable tailoring and quality fabric, uncluttered,formal balance and clean lines provides them a sense of stability.Though they may appear at ease and comfortable,they don’t insist on comfort but on quality.They are simply elegant.                                                                                                                       2015031215095920150312151452


One thought on “Fashion (part : 1)

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