Successful Person

20150421165859                                                                                                                                     What kind of a person is really successful person.The question keeps hiiting my head again and again.Looking for the answer i started thinking,and i reviewed all my family members ,relatives ,friends and all the other people i knew.I realised of all the people i know,only a few are succesful.Most of fhem are not happy with some part of their life;be it their professional life ,home ,social circle or their love lifes.


Where most people are mistaken is that successful people aren’t those who are running buisnesses ,have kids , are married ,have plenty of friends ,scoring good in exams or famous etc.A successful being is a being who is happy and content with what he/she have? What he/she is ? but keep on trying to acheive more.It doesn’t matter if you are single or in a relationship, have too many friends or close to none,belong to a upper – middle – or lower class family as long as you are happy and keeping up with the current generation and trends.                20150421165714

We really need to expand the way our brain works  and also expand the horizon of our thinking.Broadminded people tend to break the limits and achieve what they want.They have the tendency to accept themselves and embrace what they are ;they also find faults in themselves even though if other people not to deepress themselves but the improvise.They can imagine the best and achieve their dream their way.They also tend to strategize and plan things better than the others.Hurdles don’t bother them much because they are busy being happy.20150421165541

IN short to  be a successful person you have to be happy.And to do so you need to accept yourself ,your surroundings ;embrace and improvise yourselves.So be HAPPY.Be Broadminded .Success is sure to kiss you soon.20150421165516



Fashion (Part- 2)

Without further a due ladies and gentleman i present you the fashion part 2. Tadaaaaa!!!Now read it.20150331183022 20150331183422

Dramatic – They often dressup over the top,but carefully co-ordinate it.Primary colors,with clean, well defined lines, strong focal points, high contrast and higher impact is what they opt for.They like to tell their bigger – than – life tale with their broad strokes and grand flourish clothes.                                                                                  20150331184102 20150331183955

Exotic – The term “Exotic” means something foreign and strikingly differently.They maybe a teacher,or may have imported their native exotica from another land.Rich ,smoky colors ,long and flowing lines ,elaborate beading , embroidery ,ornate patterns ,iridescent textures ,jungle prints etc are their go to thing.                   20150331185928 20150331185522

Flamboyant – Flamboyant are pretty much like dramatics known for their flashy clothes but are also known for their spontaneity unlike the tasted and tested ways of dramatic.They are outgoing and energetic by their nature.Asymmetrical ,exxaggerated flouncing ,fringe or other design elements ,multi-colored ,splashy ,or even outlandish and intensively bright colors are their preferences.                                                                                                     20150331190203 20150331190647

Foxy – Foxy is understanding and self assured, with gamine’s flexible candor,chic’s natural self-confidence,sexy’s uncontrollable magnetism and bohemian’s disdain for the ordinary and conventional. They are an explosive  combination og these traits with their quick senses,street smart and shrewd realism.They are comfortable in spandex or motorcycle leathers or both and doesn’t give a shit about what the world thinks.                                                     20150331191408 20150331192002

Gamine – The word gamine means a persom who roams around the city street,who have their flexible spirit but troublesome appeal that characteristics their fashion oersonality.Gamine is honest and straightforward,but also fun- loving ,enegetic and even downright spunky.The colors are bold but not loud;lines are simple but not austere.And gamine is active,so her clothes are practical but uncomfortable.                                                                                            20150331192118 20150331192148

Glamorous – Glamorous is a pure drama with subtle attraction which are the traits of Dramatic and Sexy.Glamorous are used to grabbing the eyeballs but with somewhat of excitement.She wears colors that can range from deep to bright but aren’t intense.Silk, satin and diamonds reflect their pure aura of glamour.                   20150331192651 20150331192520

Natural – They are earthy,uncomplicated and approachable are all words that describe naturals.They are always relaxed and at ease and so are their clothes.Nubby weaves,heavily textured knits,durable denims,earth tones and natural materials.They are probably the environmentalist or animal right activist etc.