Things assumed about Punjabis

20150603132236 20150603132142 20150603132351 20150603132414 20150603132447Hi guys…..

Today’s post is about punjabis and the assumptions that people have about them.People go on assuming many of the things about punjabis native of the land of punjab.

1.Punjabis Eat A Lot – Ohkay! Please people tell me who doesnt loves food. You all do…i meant we all do. RIGHT! Since many varieties available in the market ,we all love eating.Its not just punjabis.!!!!!Yes our food is spicy and heavy too but that doesnt necessarily means we eat a lot.People are like….ohhh she is a punjaban or a punjabi guy you must be eating a lot right? right?Hell no.Unless the food is good ofcourse. 😉

2.Punjabis Are Loud – Just E X C U S E Me!!!We arent loud people.Even if there are some punjabis thatare loud still has got nothing to do with the fact that they are punjabis.Hell ! even the rikshawaalas are loud.Sabziwaala are loud.There are loads of people ,not punjabis, but still loud.Still think Punjabis are loud?

3.Punjabis are experts at bhangra & Giddha – Do you all know how to do Hip-Hop,contemprorary,locking-popping ,freestyle and stuff ?No .Not all of you people know any of these styles.Actually many of you dont know how to do any of these styles.Cold ! Hard ! Truth ! Just that way not all of us punjabis know the bhangra & giddha stuff.Hence ,proven bhangra & giddha doesnt runs in our blood but in our culture.

4.Punjabi women love men with cars & money – Why does everyone keeps assuming this shit? Hell! yes we women love love cars & money …and its not just punjabiwomen all the women around the world love money. One more thing men love cars & money too.Either if any of them accept it or not.But we women dont care if the man owns cars & money or not. We just look for compatibility.Simple as that.

Punjabis live on Lassi & Alcohol – Dont you all drink the lassi when you are at a dhaba mostly in punjab….or anywhere drinking lassi? Dont all of you,or most of you like alcohol and gorge on it;at parties or whenever you get a chance to?Oh wait i know your ans  – yes you do.So we all gorge on it like crazy people not just punjabis.All of us.20150603132542 20150603132711 20150603132742 20150603132933 20150603133008

PS : Things and examples mentioned above are neither to offend somebody nor hurt them.The sole purpose of this post is to serve the society and clear out some assumptions.

#Love #Peace #xoxo

#Prettypayal                                                                                                                                                                                       <img src=”” alt=”” border=”0″ />                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


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