Woven Bags

Summers and beaches always feels a great combo.Summer always reminds us of the beautiful white sand ,pure salted oceanic water touching your feet and giving you a cool sensation. With the cool summer breeze kissing your skin and passing by.The smell of fresh cut coconuts with the straws. Wearing a a bikini or sarong over enjoying sun bathing.I pretty much sure this is what comes to all of your mind while thinking of summers and beaches.But wait lavs now you dont necessarily need to go to the beach,to feel it.You can even get a taste of it in your city life.Take a look at these woven bags …which will take you back to the beach.dolce en-shalla michael sensi urban trina                      Liked these bags click on the link below.You’ll find plenty of more of these bags.And they are waiting to be caught by you.


#peace #love #xoxo


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