precautions to avoid frauds

Hi peeps.                                                                                                                                                                                 There are many fake and fraud people today in the professional sector as well as the educational sector.I am posting this so that people can be more aware# about such frauds and save their money also.People from the urban areas are still aware about such incidents but those from the rural areas are less aware about such traps and tend to fall more into such fraud incidents. Even a few people from urban areas who are tired of rejections and interviews also tend to fall into such traps.So spread the word as much as you can,because you never know who you might save.

1.Always ask for the company office adress.A legitimate company won’t mind sharing their office adress.Be it the fact that their office is in a different country ,state or city.Then confirm it via google maps as its the best option.

2.Ask for company name and since how long has it been running.It is important too.A company name is its recognition.The longer the company has been in the business the more reliable it is.Makesure also to check how has it been doing in the business since past few years or months.

3.Money investment – If a company asks you for any kind of investment money shut them off the next second.Because these kinds of companies are serious frauds.They would first ask you to invest the money and they are going to use it for your good only.And they will never clear you out the reason they are asking the money for.Some people even do but they ask you for money for registration purposes.Don’t trust them either since they are frauds too.

4.If you are a student then there are even higher chances of you getting bank robbed by these frauds.Whenever taking admissions especially in institutes make sure to check if its still legal or there is a big fraud running.Make sure to get all the relevant info and docs from the institute while getting an admission.Check your admission online and don’t forget to recheck about the institute from the head office.



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