DIY Bracelets

I know there are many DIY bracelet posts on the internet but i wanted to post mine.Today i am making two DIY bracelets.The bracelet design that i am making today is a unisex bracelet design.Both men and women can make it and wear it.But the color varies for both;think about choosing the color print of the fabric before making this DIY bracelet.As in either it would suit your personality or it wont.So lets begin.

Things you need :

1)Rectangle shaped fabric.                                     2)Fabric glue.                                                             3)Scissor.                                                                   4)Iron.                                                                         5)Thread & needle.                                                   6)Magazine


DIY Bracelet No.1

Step 1 – You need to cut out three one inch (widthwise) strips of your fabric, length should be more then your wrists.Then place one strip onto the magazine and start putting on the fabric glue onto the fabric and fold it from one side inwards and stick it to the glued part of the fabric.Do the same thing onto the other side of the fabric but first fold that other side of the fabric into half inwards and glue it ,then glue that part again inwards.Do this with all of the strips.This part might take some time as it requires proper finishing.

Step 2 : Now place the ready strips onto the magazine and start pressing them via iron carefully.But first makesure that there is no extra glue peeking out of the fabric.Remove it using a coin or any sharp object as such if therr is any and then only press it with the help of the iron.

Step 3 : Take those three strips gather them from one end and placing one on the top of another and sew it together.Sew it in a way that the stitch isn’t visible and use the same color thread too.20150708_184534

Step 4 : Now start braiding taking those three strips in a regular braid.Don’t braid it loose as it will look clumsy.Don’t braid it too tight as its shape won’t come out clean.

Step 5 – Now that there is no more left to braid take those three ends and sew them together. Again sew it with a stitch which isn’t visible.

Step 6 – Take both the ends of the braided strand and either glue them together or sew them together keeping the length of it in mind.If there is any extra peice peeking out cut it off and press it from that side.

2015-07-08 18.48.26

DIY Bracelet No.2

Step 1 – Repeat the Step 1 & Step 2 from the DIY bracelet no.1.Makesure that the finishing is clean.Do this with all three strips.

Step 2 – Sew both the ends of each strip and glue the extra inwards.And you will see that it is in a round shape.


Step 3 – Place one round strip onto the another.Sew both of the round strips from inside so that the stitch won’t show.Take the third strip and place onto the two attatched round strips.And then sew them together.

2015-07-08 19.39.56

Tadaaaaaa! Your DIY bracelet is ready .

#love #peace #xoxo


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