Love / Lust

The two complicated words we often get confused in between.On the one hand we see love as soft ,gentle ,painful sometimes, happiness,laughs ,giggles & everything seems so good.On the other hand lust gives us a harder ,faster ,stronger ,adventurous,arousing and kinky feel.

We often tend to be confused in between these two words or emotions,whatever you want to call it.Both are felt so deeply that these both feelings give us butterflies in the stomach if i may say so.But also confuses us as in to what is right and till what extent is it right.

In lust we dominate,we get dominated,deep pleasure,desire to reach at the peak ,desire to let go, touch ,touch even more ,more & more ,never getting enough of it.After that we just go back to being normal dreaming of having more ,getting more.Till the next adventure.

In love we fight ,we love ,we miss ,we touch ,we loose ,we submit ,we forgive for almost anything, we make mistakes ,we sulk ,we cuddle ,we giggle ,we kiss ,we makeup and then go back to being normal till something new happens.

I believe these are the few little things we all experience ;either we accept it or not.Either we commit to it in the public or not.We all have experienced these things,and will keep on experiencing as its a part of human nature.Even if a few people bitch about others experiencing these feelings and have experienced it themselves.

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Be broadminded.Be Real.Live and let live.

#love #peace #xoxo


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