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Hi peeps bikinis designs are old news and the perfect season for the pool party is here. So why not try something different like swimsuits.And i am sure you wouldn’t want to miss this.So if you like these designs click on the link below.

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My Career Journey (Part – 2)

Wassup people !Hope you all are doing good. And reading my blog posts regularly.I know i don’t post that regular but,i try too.Moving on last time I posted a blog on my career journey and here is the another part of it.Keep reading.

As I said earlier I was an aspiring model and I took a step ahead into that direction.

Being born and brought up in a normal middle class family,I had no connections or info about the industry & how it works.Therefore,I had to struggle in the starting.

There are no legitimate or official modelling agencies in Chandigarh or in any nearby places. Googled a lot about modelling,but could only get itsy – bitsy of the info.

I even contacted a few people i thought could give me a bit of info about the industry or could tell me about some agencies.But it was a sheer waste of time.Then I got to know about a local pageant and i participated in it without cross checking things(Such an idiot).Even those conducting our auditions didnt seemed professional;but arrogant.Anyhow I passed the auditions,entered the pageant ;got to know that all the buzz that they created ,all the high hopes and promises made to us was just freaking false & fake.

And all of us kiddos were thinking of ourselves as very intelligent.Our fault was that we didn’t notice that those suckers haven’t mentioned anything in the so-called contract.We …no I was seriously an idiot.They even gave me a so-called title.Crap ! A Complete Crap !

These people just wasted our time & money.Even after the contest ended the suckers still kept giving us hope about signing a modelling contract with the winners and subtitle owners.Which surely wasn’t gonna happen and it didn’t happen.Sheer waste of Time & Money.

Wait it’s not the end.There is a lot more left. Keep reading.I’ll soon be posting more career journey chapters of my life.Have fun!

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My Career Journey (Part – 1)

Two years ago from today i was an aspiring model and i had this dream in my heart while i was still studying fashion designing from INIFD.Being the youngest of all my classmates nobody took me seriously like seriously….But i still kept trying to fit in,had always been,and continued to do so.Maybe because that’s what our society teaches us…doesnt it.

Even after showing and being 100% dedicated towards whatever i did,couldn’t earn any respect or good friends among all the classmates.I had always been more of a loner no matter,what happened or how many friends i had.But being a loner only strengthened me emotionally & mentally.

By the time my designing studies ended i was still an idiot (don’t laugh).A few people used me in the name of being friends with me for one whole year.I won’t go into much details about those people as i don’t want to end up bitching.I finally learnt my lesson as the people i were trusting and relying on were taking advantage of me.Ended up realising that i shouldn’t be judgemental about anyone ,instead should just test either they are trust worthy or not.But these lessons weren’t enough.Life had more for me.I wanted to pursue my modelling dream.So the aspiring model took a step ahead into that direction.


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We always keep talking about women and their rights ,how they are pressurized and stuff.But in this awakening process about women we have somewhat forgotten about the other important being on planet……Men .

Many of us have been shedding light on how women are harassed ,the pressures we face ,the way we are judged but have forgotten that men face the same too.

Men are being harassed in the name of running their houses financially.According to society its a man’s job to earn and run the house.Its a man’s job to pay the household bills,shopping bills,grocery bills,wedding bills and so on.Why is it so ? I  am still unable to understand this system.

Men are being pressurized in the name of being perfect.They are pressurized for being the perfect son ,the perfect date ,the perfect husband,the perfect father and whatnot. Perfection is an illusion created by our complicated brains.

Men are often judged either they do something good or bad doesn’t seems to matter.They are being judged every second for whatever they do. Men accept everyone for whoever they are, why can’t they be accepted for who they are instead of being judged.

Guess we still need to progress at least in terms of our thinking process.Let the beings live ; be it a man or woman.20150802233435 20150802233720 20150802234157                                                                                                                                      

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