We always keep talking about women and their rights ,how they are pressurized and stuff.But in this awakening process about women we have somewhat forgotten about the other important being on planet……Men .

Many of us have been shedding light on how women are harassed ,the pressures we face ,the way we are judged but have forgotten that men face the same too.

Men are being harassed in the name of running their houses financially.According to society its a man’s job to earn and run the house.Its a man’s job to pay the household bills,shopping bills,grocery bills,wedding bills and so on.Why is it so ? I  am still unable to understand this system.

Men are being pressurized in the name of being perfect.They are pressurized for being the perfect son ,the perfect date ,the perfect husband,the perfect father and whatnot. Perfection is an illusion created by our complicated brains.

Men are often judged either they do something good or bad doesn’t seems to matter.They are being judged every second for whatever they do. Men accept everyone for whoever they are, why can’t they be accepted for who they are instead of being judged.

Guess we still need to progress at least in terms of our thinking process.Let the beings live ; be it a man or woman.20150802233435 20150802233720 20150802234157                                                                                                                                      

#love #peace #xoxo #Prettypayal


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