My Career Journey (Part – 1)

Two years ago from today i was an aspiring model and i had this dream in my heart while i was still studying fashion designing from INIFD.Being the youngest of all my classmates nobody took me seriously like seriously….But i still kept trying to fit in,had always been,and continued to do so.Maybe because that’s what our society teaches us…doesnt it.

Even after showing and being 100% dedicated towards whatever i did,couldn’t earn any respect or good friends among all the classmates.I had always been more of a loner no matter,what happened or how many friends i had.But being a loner only strengthened me emotionally & mentally.

By the time my designing studies ended i was still an idiot (don’t laugh).A few people used me in the name of being friends with me for one whole year.I won’t go into much details about those people as i don’t want to end up bitching.I finally learnt my lesson as the people i were trusting and relying on were taking advantage of me.Ended up realising that i shouldn’t be judgemental about anyone ,instead should just test either they are trust worthy or not.But these lessons weren’t enough.Life had more for me.I wanted to pursue my modelling dream.So the aspiring model took a step ahead into that direction.


Stay Tuned For More 😉2015-08-07 17.38.00 2015-08-07 17.39.31                                                                      


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