My Career Journey (Part – 2)

Wassup people !Hope you all are doing good. And reading my blog posts regularly.I know i don’t post that regular but,i try too.Moving on last time I posted a blog on my career journey and here is the another part of it.Keep reading.

As I said earlier I was an aspiring model and I took a step ahead into that direction.

Being born and brought up in a normal middle class family,I had no connections or info about the industry & how it works.Therefore,I had to struggle in the starting.

There are no legitimate or official modelling agencies in Chandigarh or in any nearby places. Googled a lot about modelling,but could only get itsy – bitsy of the info.

I even contacted a few people i thought could give me a bit of info about the industry or could tell me about some agencies.But it was a sheer waste of time.Then I got to know about a local pageant and i participated in it without cross checking things(Such an idiot).Even those conducting our auditions didnt seemed professional;but arrogant.Anyhow I passed the auditions,entered the pageant ;got to know that all the buzz that they created ,all the high hopes and promises made to us was just freaking false & fake.

And all of us kiddos were thinking of ourselves as very intelligent.Our fault was that we didn’t notice that those suckers haven’t mentioned anything in the so-called contract.We …no I was seriously an idiot.They even gave me a so-called title.Crap ! A Complete Crap !

These people just wasted our time & money.Even after the contest ended the suckers still kept giving us hope about signing a modelling contract with the winners and subtitle owners.Which surely wasn’t gonna happen and it didn’t happen.Sheer waste of Time & Money.

Wait it’s not the end.There is a lot more left. Keep reading.I’ll soon be posting more career journey chapters of my life.Have fun!

10405686_559246197512840_2639447654111497001_n2015-08-18 20.05.38                                                                                                          PS : these are my old pictures,and in the second one its my sis leg.I know she won’t like me posting her picture on web ,so i cropped it.


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