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I am still alive.I know it’s been long since i last posted a blog.So here i am with a new one.

Today’s blog post is about Tinderrrrrrrr!!!!! I am going to share a few things or tips one should know about tinder.It’s based on my personal experience.

For those of you who don’t know what tinder is ,here a little information.Its basically a dating app which shows you the profile of those around you on tinder.By those around you i meant people on tinder somewhere near your location.

You see someone’s profile you like,you swipe right.If you see someone’s profile you are not interested in,you swipe left.There are few kinds of people one should know about are on tinder.Before you start with it.

THE FRIENDZONE TINDERITES – There are some people who are just looking for people to hangout with.They are the ones mostly on vacations.They are basically looking for friends.

THE SEXTING TINDERITES – here are few people who are straight off gonna sext you.They are the ones looking for somebody to have a one-night stand with.

THE SENTIMENTAL TINDERITES – Then there are people looking for serious relationships.Well these people are the ones rare to find.But mostly they go with the flow.As far as am concerned.

My suggestion would be to go for those who have the same thing on their mind as yours.Like incase if you are looking for friends go for the ones looking for friends only and so on.I believe you all have understood my point.Incase you end up meeting someone you don’t like you should leave from there as soon as possible.

Also don’t forget to double-check their identity incase you are thinking of meeting someone via tinder.The best way is to check their Facebook id’s.

The most important thing is that you must be open to new experiences.If you limit yourselves you are only gonna regret the chances you didn’t take.

Incase you don’t like somebody you matched with earlier,you could simply unmatch them.Internet has made so many things easier now.Hope you all know the basics of tindering now.


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Career Journey (Part – 3)

Here we go again.I am story telling you  about my career in this part.It is the last one as I don’t want to extend it anymore.

Continuing from where I left last.Yes that crappy title.So that was kind of just the starting.I again took the help of internet and tried to find a way to get into the industry.I found the right agencies and info this time but they wouldn’t accept a complete fresher.Therefore,I had to struggle to find work.

I spent days and nights trying to find work from the right people.It was hard ,hard as hell.Attended many calls and many meetings;but they were all fake.Met shitty people ,met all talk no work people & met many model exploiters too.I had nothing to do in the first 4 – 5 months starting by.Thought off giving up quite a lot of times,but ended up sticking to what I chose.

Like all other people I also used to think that this glamour industry doesn’t requires any work and is all about getting dolled up and acting pretty in front of the camera.Realised that this career requires work as well but I wasn’t gonna give up on my dream.My mum & dad didn’t taught me to quit,they have taught me to fight & to succeed,no matter what comes my way.

I worked , worked on myself,worked on my body ,worked on my dress up , worked on my way of talking and worked on my representation.Result was that I started getting work.Still got a few calls also still meet a few of pervert people but somehow managed to avoid them and get some real work.

And here today i am sharing my personal experiences.I still end up meeting up a few perverts ,but also get in touch with professional ones now.All of this couldn’t trust anybody.This journey of mine was alone. All my friends were in chandigarh and I was in Delhi 90% of the time.But my hard work paid off.Still there are times when I have no work ,but now i use that time to improve myself ,being the right person for the glamour industry.I don’t wait sitting idol on the couch and wait for some miracle to happen.Rather i believe in working hard to achieve what i aim.

So yeah glamour industry isn’t all that easy and it isn’t all about beauty.Its about the work and right attitude that pays off in the end.We work to earn money & respect both.Hope you all liked this section of my journey too.See you soon with another post of mine.