Traces of me Review

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Hello yall! How’s it going?I hope good.

So this is my first ever review post for a book.This book is named #tracesofme .I am excited as a little kid who is ready to open his/her birthday gift & serious as an enterpreneur.Does that even makes sense. Moving on this book about a women who discovers her inner beauty,self-confidence and strength through the ups and downs she faces in her love life.

As a kid she is an introvert who is constantly bullied by the people around her.Bad people !!!! But her mother always loves her and gives her hope that everything in life will be alright and that one-day she will turnout to be a beautiful women.

And the story begins from over there.She goes through a long journey with loads of hurdles….constantly being bullied and let down by everyone.She gets hurt every time,she looses her confidence day by day.She feels that it’s all her fault,every time its her fault.She thinks maybe she doesn’t deserves love at all.

But things change.She meets someone who loves her just the way she loves him.Both of them have equal passion for each other.He makes her gain that lost confidence again.He makes her want to live her life again.But then one day he also shatters her again.She starts feeling bad about herself again.She starts blaming herself again.She is broke again.Why did he did this to her ?She cannot understand. She tries to process all of her emotions ,but fails.

What happens next ? What happened between both of them? Why was the reason for her low confidence?Well babe you gotta read the book to know that.Don’t you now ?

I urge everyone to read this book. #tracesofme book is an inspiring book for all age groups irrespective of their gender.Its a relatable book for those with troubled childhood or the ones who have been bullied.It inspires you to love yourself the way you are & accept yourself so that others can love and accept you too.

So please read the book.Click on the link below to read #tracesofme book.