Absolute Love Letter

Hello everyone!
Hope everything is going fine in your lives and i hope you all are enjoying these chilly winters.
I am back with another post on my blog today.I am doing to review a novel named “Absolute Love Letter” for my lovely readers.This novel is written by author Nitin Yaduvanshi.

The novel is about author’s friend.Whom he had lost due to a very well known and disease.Which leaves his wife & child all alone on thier own.Everyone’s saddened by the death of their dear friend.
Nitin(author of the book) rewind’s the incident of his friend’s death in his mind.All of a sudden he remembers that his friend gave him a key before dying.He takes that key and goes into his friend’s house.He tells about the key to his friend’s wife……she leads him into her husband’s room.She leaves the room telling Nitin that their is a diary of his husband in the drawer.He opens up the drawer by the key holding his dead friend’s diary in his hands.Thinking a thousand things in his mind.
What is written in this diary?Why did he gave this key only to me!! What is the purpose behind it.He leaves with the diary in confusion.And this is where the actual story starts from.
Now my part : The novel is really good and will lead you too imagine all those situations which you will be reading in this book.The novel is filled with sad – happy moments,sensous – erotic feelings.It is filled with friends who will do anything for each other’s happiness.It is filled with the love which will make you fall for it.

Whenever you will read this book it will take you into the world of stories and will make you feel like you are living it.Reading the novel was a great experience for me & i am sure it will be a great experience for you all too.

Wanna buy the book!! Click on the link below to buy the book from amazon.Plus it is a pocket friendly.One does,’t has to spend thousands on buying it.




Have fun!!!!!


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