Hear It

When i feel on top
Of the world
Nothing seems to be
Going wrong.
Baby hear it…….
Hear my heartout…….

Butterflies in stomach
Urge to try new things
Feelings mixed up
Dizzy brain stops working.
But the heart is still beating
Life is running
Baby hear it…..
Hear my heartout ……

You leave me hanging
In a room
All alone by myself
None of the doors opened.
A room filled with darkness
But of your memories
Our bitter – sweet memories
Baby hear it……
Hear my heartout……..

I am on the verge
Of being broken again
Getting broke by heart
Getting broke by my soul

Bein alone doesnt scares me off
But this ingnorance
Is hitting me hard
It is killing me inside out
Either make it
Or break it
Its is killing me inside out
Baby heart it……….
Hear my heartout……….



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