Spring summer must have blouses

Hi peeps.Enjoying the spring summer season but confused what to wear.Let me clear your confusion. These are the spring summer must haves that you must own to survive these both seasons every year.

Practically speaking these are the basics of your wardrobe.You can go on creating as many styles with just these must-have basics. By adding some jewellery ,a shrug ,tank top ,kimonos and whatnot.

So lets get started.

1.Black,Grey & White t-shirt :You know you can never go wrong with these classics.Makesure to keep atleast one black and one white basic t-shirt. One more thing you can do is keep a black and white stripey shirt in your wardrobe

2.Sphaghettis : The easy breezy sleevless sphaghettis provide your body much neede comfort and is very breathable too.Perfect for spring summer season.If you are going out in the sun then i would suggest to put on a full sleeve shirt ,shrug or kimono.As it will provide coverage to the arms and protect it from tanning as well.

3.Shrugs ,Shirts & kimonos :These look very cool in summers and provide a cool sensation to the body too.Plus they also protect your arms from tanning and polution as i stated above.You must totally get it.

4.Sandoz : They give you a very chic and easy going look and feel both.They can be paired with shorts,jeans and skirts as well for casual look.If you want to glam it up;wear some heels a handbag or side bag and add on some jewellery.

Now you are ready to beat the heat and play around in the spring in style.

#love #peace #xoxo



How Men & Women react to love

Hello! Peeps

Wassup! Hopefully your having a great weekend.Because mine was awesome!Byetheway i went to S Cafe & Bar last night,located in Sec – 26 Chandigarh.Dj was sexy……wish i had seen his face and that would have happened if he weren’t wearing that mask.

Anyhow moving on…..today’s blog post is about men & women’s reaction towards love.

We all know how idiot men are…… Just kidding.!!Lets talk about woman. According my theory and observation when a guy approaches a woman,generally woman’s reaction is that doesn’t takes him much seriously in the start.But once woman notices that the guy honestly wants her….she slowly starts giving in.But still woman prefers to play little love games so that the guy gets to know her worth.Once the guy successfully convinces the woman and gains her trust…her reaction would be that she goes for base three(Sex).

Now coming to Men.Generally Men approach a woman because they find the woman attractive.Their reaction is that an irresistable woman makes up for good woman for them.Men actually start to fall for the woman while she is busy playing her love games.Once men reach the base three, and get loads of sex their reaction would be that they get bored.And that is the time when their woman struggles to keep their relationship running.

Moral of the story :

Women love Men who never give up on their women.

Men love Women who keep them on their toes .

See you with the next post till then……Dont forget to smile.

#xoxo #love #peace #prettypaayal