Hi peeps!

Hope you all are doing good.Enjoying these super hot summers.

This post is about an outfit which I have designed and made by myself.Yes I am showcasing my designing skills.Take that.On a serious note.

The top is from the Brand North Carolina.North Carolina is basically a sports wear brand. Also this tee isnt mine originally.It’s My brother’s tee, and my bro couldnt fit into it anymore so; I took it styled it my way.

The Skirt is made from an Old Kurti (Top) of my mom.It was lying somewhere in the cupboard between old clothes, but the fabric had never stopped shining.Since then it caught my eye;a fabric with beautiful stone embroidery & impeccable shine.One day I took that kurti out and made a skirt for myself out of it.

Now I am glad that I used my scissors and sewingmachine.Hope you all liked this post and will stay tuned for more.


Top Credit – North Carolina.

Skirt Credit – Mom’s Kurti.

Photo Credit – Baby Bro ♡♡♡♡♡

Jewellery Credit – Fashion Jewellery



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