Denim Love

Helllo all!

Hopefully you all are doing great. So today’s post is about our very fashion piece…denim.

The history says it all for Denim. The one fashion staple everybody has been sticking to since many years.Denim is that diet plan for fashion which helps it survive through its hard times.

If we look back at our fashion industry history ; Denim had always been there.It has been a part of our films,stores and even the fashion icons have always supported them.

Denim is a go to thing for everyone. Be it a tuition going kid or a working person. For a nightout or for meetings; you can pair up denims with almost everything. Here in this post i have paired up a denim top with a denim jeans.

I have personally designed the denim top.And the Denim jeans from Atmosphere.The denim jeans are amazingly comfortable. The fit is super and its extremely stretchable.Hence it super comfy.

Hope you all liked this post.Coming up with more posts very soon. Stay tuned for more.

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Picture Credit – @VikhyatMahajan

Hair & Makeup – Me

Denim top – Designed by me

Denim jeans – Atmosphere

White shirt – Capture


Moving ahead

All of us aspire to move ahead in life. Aspire to be promoted from the current position. Aspire to climb the ladder of success faster than all.

But aspiringisn’t enough to succeed or to be at the top.There qre millions of oeople in this Race; with only thousand succeeding.

What is it that millions of people are dling wrong and only thousands doing right.Few things we and few we ignore.

First things first, start behaving the way you would have behaved if you had what you want. Dressing the way you would have dressed when you would have reached yourgoal.Start spending as much as you would have spent when you had that much money.Doesn’t mean you gaga over shopping.Start investing in the things you would have invested as if  you had that much money. Start talking the way you would have if you reach that level.

Most important of all the key to progress is to stay true to your work, rather than being lazy. Stay true to who you are and what you want.

Inshah Allah! We all achieve our goals.

#xoxo #love #peace #prettypaayal

Stay tuned for more posts coming soon on the blog.