Livon Serum Review

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Hopefully you all are having a good time ,and working your asses of to reach your goals.

Today I am posting a review of Livon’s Salon Finish Hair Serum. As they promise it does gives your hair a Salon finish.Livon is  true to their marketing statement.

If you are a high maintainance girl you can blowdry your hair and then apply the serum.But if you are a low maintainance like me ,apply the serum while your hair is still wet.Let the Boho in you be free!

Moving on,once your hair dries out ,after using Livon’s Salon Finish Hair Serum ; the hair does feels shiny,smooth & glossy. Plus your hair will be frizz free.But it has to be applied in a very little amount, as even a bit more than pea size and make the hair feel heavier rather than shiny, smooth,glossy and frizz free.

How to apply it ?

Divide the hair into two sections Left one and the Right one. Apply a pea size amount of Livon’s Salon Finish Hair Serum on each section.Running the fingers through all the hair so that it spreads evenly.At last brush the hair so that the hair gets the maximum of the Serum and spreads evenly all over.imageimageimageimageimageimage

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Review : Livon’s Salon Finish Hair Serum

Picture : iPhone

Brand : Livon


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