luscious lips ..blooming eyes

i fell for you ;in the blink of an eye

roaming around on the sets..

i trusted no one,

but i caught your eyes.

Time passed by

no words were spoken

in between bewildered feelings

were floating high.

The touch of your lips,

the warmth of your hands

Made me melt

while i was cuddling inside of u.

Dead breaths came alive

buried aspirations were alive

when you held my hand

and said “Baby i am by your side”.

My tears and my silence

tore you apart;

My smile and warmth

gave you the burning desire

of running this cart.

Under the same roof ,two souls were alive

burning and gazing into each other eyes

longing for the touch for  satisfaction

moaning in each others arms ;

but scared by the dark

The dark past…the broken past.

Collecting each other’s broken pieces

brought us together

Closer then with anyone ever,

Building the souls stronger than ever

Binding us together forever and after.



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