VLCC Lip Balm

Hey Guys! Hopefully you all are enjoying the festival season.Full of gifts, celebrations & loads of relatives meeting.

Today i am posting a review of VLCC Natural Sciences Lovable lips. VLCC is famous for its good quality & natural products.The name VLCC has already gained the trust of so many people in india.VLCC Natural Sciences Lovable Lips balm is enriched with almond,jojoba oil & Vitamin E leaving lips soft,smooth & hydrated for a long stay.

It stays upon the Lips for atleast 6 – 7 hours without a retouch.It also gives the lips a bit of color according to its flavour.VLCC Natural Sciences Lovable Lips Balm gives the lips complete care and enrichs it from deep within.Plus it is very affordable.A combination of affordable and beneficial once found can never be left.

VLCC Natural Sciences Lovable lips balm comes in different flavours Cherry, Strawberry, Mango, Rose, Almond & Honey.So many fruitful flavours with the goodness of SPF15 in every bit of it.

VLCC Natural Sciences Lip Balm has also done something for their male customers.They have come up with a Men’s Lip Balm too.It doesn’t comes in fruitful flavours but it is SPF15 and enriched with the same oils & vitamins as that of Lovable Lips Balm.What’s not to love about VLCC.

Hope that you all liked this post.Stay tuned for more.Keep showering your love.

Brand – VLCC Lip Balm

Pictures Credit – Iphone




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