Need Of Change

Hello all! Today’s post is on a sensitive issue.I hope that you all can understand and i am sucessful in conveying the message to you all.

While sipping on my cup of coffee i was rewinding all my vists to delhi. The first thing i thought; is it just the those people i know or i guess 90% of people in india are sensitive towards their own needs, but not to others.When it comes to people around them they are heartless.

Just an example of this few days back while talking to a buddy of mine i noticed a few things.He was telling me about a girl he likes or mayhe he thinks he likes.He was telling about all his exes,how he doesn’t believes in love anymore and all.How alcohol and other relaxes him.He stated that the he likes lives alone even after the fact that her family lives in the same city ;raising an eyebrow like he was hinting something.He then said that there must be something she is hiding because she lives alone.

Just because she lives alone he has the right to doubt about her character.Once his heart broke..he doesn’t believes in anything anymore.Drugs help his mind and body relax.Assuming a girl loose character just because she has sex .He says he is living his life to the fullest.

If one working guy thinks this way, there must be many others thinking this way.I wonder if this is the way people still think, we haven’t progress anyhow.Will we ever progress? I feel there is a need for CHANGE .Big Time!


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#xoxo #love #peace #prettypaayal


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