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Hey Everyone ! Wassup these summers . Hope doing good only.

Well I am back with another banging post for you all. Lately I have been taking my workout sessions more seriously. So of course I had to take my workout outfits also seriously.

Looking for some good workout tights I ended up on the Hrithik Roshan’s workout collection HRX . I specifically fell for these two tights. The first one .i.e, the black one because of its stretch ability and geometrical prints.

I like to pair my workout tights with sphagettis or sport bras and that’s what I did here also . Last but not least I bought these fro only .

Hope you all enjoyed my post and will keep visiting for more. Coming soon with another post . Till Then . Stay Tuned . Stay Pretty .



Workout with me in 5 Minutes

Hello Everyone!  How are you all doing?  I hope you all are progressing and happy with your life.

Today I am posting a blog concerning the health of all those people who are extremely. I have prepared a small yet effective workout routine for all those people. So here we go.

The first one is the plank. To start up with the workout, plank will give the body required warm up. Do this for one minute.

Second one is the knee kicks. Here come in on all fours.Then lift one leg stretch it out and push it back towards the chest. Do this for one minute. While pushing it to the chest; blow out the air from mouth.

Third is the lunges. Come in the plank position again. Then extend one leg up and put it forward in between your arms. Lift your arms up. Do this for one minute switching both legs.

Fourth and the last one is the chakrasana. Lie down on your back. Steady your arms and feet lifting yourself for two minute.

Hopefully y’all liked this little workout session. Coming soon with more stuff. Till then.  Stay tuned. Stay pretty.

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Skinnymint teatox tea

Hello all!

Hopefully your work and life is running smooth and in peace.

Today i am posting a review blogpost for Skinnymint Teatox. Skinnymint Teatox consists of two packages one is for morning namely Morning Boost Skinnymint Teatox and the other one is for night named Night cleanse Skinnymint Teatox.

The Morning Boost Skinnymint  teatox package makes you feel more active and more fresh providing loads of energy to the body.The tea is madeup of herbs  namely Mate leaf ,Nettle leaf , Dandelion leaf & Gurana Seed. These herbs ingredients helps in weightloss ,improves digestion, Mental health and peace. It also helps in improving allergies.

As for the Night Cleanse Skinnymint teatox ;it may not make you feel as active and energetic as the Morning Boost does but it surely gives the body some benefits of its own.Night Cleanse consists of leaf based herbs, seed based herbs & some root based herbs too. Its ingredients help in lowering Blood Pressure; are anti-viral , anti-depressant, antiseptic & is good for digestion. It also helps in sharpening memory, control diabetes & lowers cholestrol.

Skinnymint cares for their customers and hence gives away a free gym bag with every set of 28 day teatox package.Hurry up the offer is limited.

Hopefully you enjoyed this post and will try the skinnymint too.I am posting a link to the Skinnymint Web; where you can get this teatox.#daretobegorgeous

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Sweat it out

Hello Everyone ! Hopefully you are having a great day.

Few weeks back while I was stressing over something ; I noticed some bulging fat in my body.I freaked but decided to loose all of that extra kilos.

I decided to get my fit fab body again.While working out I noticed a few changes in my body.I am listing those below in the blog today :

1.When working out your stamina is increased by day by day.A different power can be felt within yourself.

2.Working out boosts your mental stability.A stable mind is a profitable mind.They gain in every aspect of life.

3.Working out makes us sweat which fluctuates body toxins out of our body.Detoxicating the body is not only beneficial for your health but also for skin.

4.Excercising keeps you stress free .A stressfree person is a happy and fulfilled person.

5.Excercise makes your body tight and fit.A tight fit body gets alot of people drooling over you.

I can’t think of a reason not to workout. Being a fitness freak keeps you in the best state of being.It brings out the best in you.

Hopefully you will workout too from now on.

Stay tuned for more posts.

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