Moisturising Benefits


Hey lovely folks ! Hope you all are doing great. The summers have already begun to feel to harsh. It almost seems unbearable. But yet work can’t stop.

Taking care of the skin while working is an important thing. Moisturising skin not only balances the oil level in the skin but also protects it from the harsh UV rays of the sun. Skin moisture is the food for the skin. Vaadi Herbals Deep Moisturising Hand and Body Lotion is a complete package. It benefits the skin in multiple ways apart from keeping it moisturised.

It makes the skin, soft , supple & glowing. It contains sunflower extract, honey , coconut oil , Shea butter & water. Together combined in the right proportion this lotion keeps skin hydrated without masking it oily in summers.

Wait no more. Go and grab your Vaadi Herbals Deep moisturising Hand and Body lotion now . Also tell me your reviews on it. Coming soon with more fun stuff till then . Stay Tuned . Stay Pretty.