Love for Organic Soaps


Helo people! Hopen you all are doing well. So here I come with another beautiful blog for you all. This one is also dedicated to your all skincare needs.

So I got these beautiful natural , organic , homemade & cruelty free soaps from the @thesoapway ; which I am reviewing for you all today.

So the first soap is made from tomato puree, coconut oil and goat milk. These three ingredients combined tightens skin , keeps it moisturised , fights premature ageing, removes dead skin, provides vitamins & minerals , is antibacterial & antimicrobial.

Second one is made up from lemon zest , lemon peels & goat milk. These ingredients prevents skin from wrinkles, acne , pigmentation &dark spots. Also it provides vitamins & minerals to the skin. Plus removes dead skin and is antioxidant.

Third and the last one is made from the Oatmilk , honey & goat milk. They contain properties which reduces itching , moistures, boosts complexion , is antioxidant , heals and soothes skin.

So I hope you all liked this post. You can order their products by visiting the link below and dropping a message about your requirements .

Coming soon with another post very soon. Till then . Stay tuned. Stay pretty.




Fresh Fruit Wonder

Hello Blog Lovers ! Here I am again with another blog for you all. This time dedicating myself to some skincare.

I decided to do a review on my current favourite skincare brands fruit cream which can also be used as a winter cream.

So Vaadi Herbals Fresh Fruit Massage Cream wit How Apple , Pappaya & Kokum Butter works wonders on the skin. For starters Apple provides skin the Vitamin C , nutrients & copper that boosts the skin glow. Then pappaya clears blemishes , pigmentation , acts as a exfoliator that makes skin lighter and softer. Kokum butter has anti-bacterial , anti-inflammatory , antioxidant properties that heals the damaged the skin.

So all in all it’s a nutrient rich cream , that enhances the complexion as well. It helps in evening the skin tone , reducing the wrinkles and patches. Also moisturizes and nourishes the skin making it look healthy.

People with all skin types can use this cream.It’s paraben free and 100% natural. So I hope you guys will give it a try . Hope you guys liked this post, and if you do share it too. Coming soon with more stuff . Till then . Stay Tuned . Stay Pretty.

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Lotus Foundation Review

Hey! Hey! People. So I hope you guys are doing good. And I am back with another blog for you all.

This time after almost an year I am doing a review of a foundation. It is teh Lotus Makeup Ecostay Nourishing foundation with SPF20. This is a full coverage foundation that comes into a cream like formula. It is very easily applicable and gives the skin a matte finish.

It is possible that it can make your skin Look day, hence it is advisable for everybody to apply a moisturiser before using this foundation. Especially if you have a dry skin to normal skin you must apply a moisturiser before the Lotus Makeup Ecostay Nourishing Foundation. But if you have an Oily Skin type use Aloe Vera Gel or just a primer applying the Lotus Makeup Ecostay Nourishing Foundation.

Now there are somtwo other important details too. First of all it is a vegetarian product; A Vegetarian Foundation. All the products from Litus are 100% vegetarian. Second and the most important thing is completely Cruelty Free. Lotus is an Cruelty Free brand also. Hence you are investing in a good product that has neither been nor will be tested on the animals.

And that is it for today. So I hope you guys liked this post and will try out the foundation as well. Coming soon with another blog for you all. Till Then. Stay Tuned. Stay Pretty.


Livon Serum Review

Hello all !

Hopefully you all are having a good time ,and working your asses of to reach your goals.

Today I am posting a review of Livon’s Salon Finish Hair Serum. As they promise it does gives your hair a Salon finish.Livon is  true to their marketing statement.

If you are a high maintainance girl you can blowdry your hair and then apply the serum.But if you are a low maintainance like me ,apply the serum while your hair is still wet.Let the Boho in you be free!

Moving on,once your hair dries out ,after using Livon’s Salon Finish Hair Serum ; the hair does feels shiny,smooth & glossy. Plus your hair will be frizz free.But it has to be applied in a very little amount, as even a bit more than pea size and make the hair feel heavier rather than shiny, smooth,glossy and frizz free.

How to apply it ?

Divide the hair into two sections Left one and the Right one. Apply a pea size amount of Livon’s Salon Finish Hair Serum on each section.Running the fingers through all the hair so that it spreads evenly.At last brush the hair so that the hair gets the maximum of the Serum and spreads evenly all over.imageimageimageimageimageimage

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Review : Livon’s Salon Finish Hair Serum

Picture : iPhone

Brand : Livon

Absolute Love Letter

Hello everyone!
Hope everything is going fine in your lives and i hope you all are enjoying these chilly winters.
I am back with another post on my blog today.I am doing to review a novel named “Absolute Love Letter” for my lovely readers.This novel is written by author Nitin Yaduvanshi.

The novel is about author’s friend.Whom he had lost due to a very well known and disease.Which leaves his wife & child all alone on thier own.Everyone’s saddened by the death of their dear friend.
Nitin(author of the book) rewind’s the incident of his friend’s death in his mind.All of a sudden he remembers that his friend gave him a key before dying.He takes that key and goes into his friend’s house.He tells about the key to his friend’s wife……she leads him into her husband’s room.She leaves the room telling Nitin that their is a diary of his husband in the drawer.He opens up the drawer by the key holding his dead friend’s diary in his hands.Thinking a thousand things in his mind.
What is written in this diary?Why did he gave this key only to me!! What is the purpose behind it.He leaves with the diary in confusion.And this is where the actual story starts from.
Now my part : The novel is really good and will lead you too imagine all those situations which you will be reading in this book.The novel is filled with sad – happy moments,sensous – erotic feelings.It is filled with friends who will do anything for each other’s happiness.It is filled with the love which will make you fall for it.

Whenever you will read this book it will take you into the world of stories and will make you feel like you are living it.Reading the novel was a great experience for me & i am sure it will be a great experience for you all too.

Wanna buy the book!! Click on the link below to buy the book from amazon.Plus it is a pocket friendly.One does,’t has to spend thousands on buying it.



Have fun!!!!!