Purple Weed look

Hello all! Hope you all are doing good. Today we’re back with another post for you. Get Ready for the feast. This one’s more sort of for the gothic people.

Today I am wearing this amazing sweatshirt from ROADSTER by Myntra. Currently my go to sweatshirt. I bought this super comfy and urban sweatshirt from the myntra.com .The fabric is pretty warm and soft . The sweatshirt only will give you the gothic feel itself.

The colder it is outside the more warmer the sweatshirt makes you feel. The wind or the rain nothing can make you feel colder while wearing this sweatshirt. I decided to pair it up with a pair of cutout leggings from SRStore. But if your not the Leggings kind of girl then you can go with a pair of shorts or skirt. Completing the look with high heeled boots.

And don’t forget to wear that goth makeup 😉

Hope you all liked this post . And this feast treated you well. Coming soon with more stuff . Till then . Stay Tuned. Stay Pretty .

#xoxo #love #peace #prettypaayal






Hello there! How are you all doing ?

Today i am back with another blog.A fashion blog once again.In this post i am featuring a jealous21 winter’s tunic.We are all aware about the jealous21 capabilities. By capabilities i meant its ability of making others jealous of you.

This Solid Blue colored tunic bought about a month ago from the North Country Mall nearby. This tunic dress is super comfy and is easygoing. It even keeps the wind off the Bay and keeps you warm.

It can be styled with either a pair of leggings or it can be simply be worn as a dress. Though i am in love with this tunic.Its color caught my eye as soon as i entered the store.If you all liked this post; get your jealous21 then get yours ASAP.I’ll see you all soon with the next post.Till then Stay Tuned. Stay Pretty.