Successful Person

20150421165859                                                                                                                                     What kind of a person is really successful person.The question keeps hiiting my head again and again.Looking for the answer i started thinking,and i reviewed all my family members ,relatives ,friends and all the other people i knew.I realised of all the people i know,only a few are succesful.Most of fhem are not happy with some part of their life;be it their professional life ,home ,social circle or their love lifes.


Where most people are mistaken is that successful people aren’t those who are running buisnesses ,have kids , are married ,have plenty of friends ,scoring good in exams or famous etc.A successful being is a being who is happy and content with what he/she have? What he/she is ? but keep on trying to acheive more.It doesn’t matter if you are single or in a relationship, have too many friends or close to none,belong to a upper – middle – or lower class family as long as you are happy and keeping up with the current generation and trends.                20150421165714

We really need to expand the way our brain works  and also expand the horizon of our thinking.Broadminded people tend to break the limits and achieve what they want.They have the tendency to accept themselves and embrace what they are ;they also find faults in themselves even though if other people not to deepress themselves but the improvise.They can imagine the best and achieve their dream their way.They also tend to strategize and plan things better than the others.Hurdles don’t bother them much because they are busy being happy.20150421165541

IN short to  be a successful person you have to be happy.And to do so you need to accept yourself ,your surroundings ;embrace and improvise yourselves.So be HAPPY.Be Broadminded .Success is sure to kiss you soon.20150421165516



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